From Ushant to Scilly - MP3


Thanks to Joe Driver for his recording skills, Lucy Burrow for her photography, Mike O’Connor for his production, and all the fine singers and shantymen who are both our source and inspiration.

See below for track listing and samples.

Track listing:

1. Cuba
2. Sally Brown
3. Grey Funnel Lines
4. Santianna
5. One More Pull
6. Dublin City
7. Julianna
8. Shine On
9. Pass Around the Grog
10. Johnson Girls
11. Noah’s Ark
12. Rolling Home
13. Cheerily Man
14. Old Maui
15. Essequibo river
16. Goodbye, Fare You Well
17. For The Sake of You
18. Spanish Ladies
19. Leave Her, Johnny
20. Canaan’s Land

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