Jig Dolls

You may have seen us performing with our ‘little friends’. These were lovingly crafted by our very own, Tony Franklin, in the late 1980’s. They continue a long nautical tradition of entertainment and leisure pursuit.

Sailors would often spend spare time on board ship whittling and crafting  jig dolls which would then be used to entertain the rest of the crew, often to the music of a makeshift ‘Foo-Foo’ band. Tony made ours at a time when many of us were dancing with the famous (or infamous) Tattered Swan Morris Team (that’s another story!), hence the strange appearance of some of the dolls. As well as these and more traditional sailor dolls he also made a range of animal dolls which are very amusing.

We are very proud of our dolls and they provide great entertainment for children of all ages! If you see us performing why not join us and have a go (if its convenient). They are nearly always with us unless they’ve taken too much medicine and are not fit to dance!

The Famous Franklin Jig Dolls
The Famous Franklin Jig Dolls

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